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ANTHROPOCENE CONTINUED! Kirkland Library and Helen Smith Gallery!

New and existing work from¬†Adventures Through the Anthropocene¬†is on view in THREE locations between February and March 2018. The large…

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Alec Clayton’s review in the Weekly Volcano is here. Dave R. Davison’s review in the Tacoma Weekly is here. I…

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Adventures Through the Anthropocene: November 9 through December 16, 2016. The Gallery, Tacoma Community College.

Solo Exhibition: Adventures Through the Anthropocene Here are some installation shots–panoramas of the three rooms.

Recent shows and reviews:

I have some work in two local juried exhibitions. My painting 21st Century Oxpecker graces Alec Clayton’s review in the…

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9th Annual Greater Tacoma Community Foundation Art Award

    I have been nominated for the 9th Annual Art Award by the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation and am blown…

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Erik Sandgren Retrospective, Polson Museum this Saturday.

I am excited for Erik Sandgren’s Retrospective that is opening on Saturday at the Polson Museum in Hoquiam. Here is…

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Godspeed Betty Ragan

I first met Betty Ragan sometime while working at Tacoma Art Museum or else showing at UPS Kittredge Gallery or…

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5 Day Art Challenge Part Two: Undergraduate Bronze Sculptures

At the University of Montana (1996-1998) I did some bronze casting. These two horses have some obvious visual connections to…

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5 Day Art Challenge Part One:

                    Erik Sandgren and Joanne Price both nominated me for the…

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Upcoming Show: Imaginature at Kirkland Art Center

Grant PH Barber saw my work in Stacie Chappell’s curated exhibition Figural (Kirkland Art Center 2013). He asked if I…

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